Image Map

My Classroom

Here is my ELA Focus Wall.

Class Jobs Display

This is my traveling color stick, which also helps me give conduct grades for the day.

Calendar Wall


Silly Sentences Station

Science Station

Computer/ Listening Station, Word Work and Math Tub Carts, Journal Caddy, and Phonics Tree

Phonics Tree

Meeting Area/ Math Wall, Big Book Sation
Word Wall

Rear View

Writing Station

Writing Center Tools Shelf

Meeting Area Shelf

Left View, Art Station, Interactive Board, ELA Wall

Library Station

Another View of the Library Station

Computer/ Listening Station

Learning Objectives

Computer/ Listening Station Bulletin Board (Another one of my detachable boards)

Guided Reading Table/ My Desk

These are the shelves behind my desk that I dressed up with decorative table cloth.

Here is my FYI Board. This is also a detachable bulletin board. I hot glued decorative clothespins to this board to hang important papers and reminders.

Here is my student command center. Here is where they highlight their names and turn in their papers. I also have a little teacher mail box, band aids, sharpened, and unsharpened pencils.

Sharpened and Unsharpened Pencils Cups

Mail Box and Highlighters

Word Work and Math Tubs

Grammar Station- this is a $10 garment rack from Wal-Mart. I just took off 2 poles to shorten it.

Our school is open concept, so this is my wall that faces the hallway.

Entrance View

Poetry Station

Here is my sign that I made out of ribbon, letter, and paper plates. I love it!!!

Pocket Chart Station- here my students work on different phonics skills activities.

Here is my How We Go Home Display which is used with numbered clothes pins, and my Read the Room Station. I used neon dry erase markers to change out the letter, blend, or digraph of the week. When students come to this workstation they will look for words with these particular patterns. They use the word finders that I made out of fly swatters.

Science Station- here is where my students work on their Science Interactive Notebooks

This is my Neon and Chalk Alphabet Display.

Left Side View From Entrance

Right Side View From Entrance

This is where my outgoing mail goes.

Here is my Neon & Chalk Banner

Here is my Neon & Chalk Banner

This is where I store my ELA Lessons and Materials for every week.
This is the content inside each weekly folder. It contains books, lessons, phonics lesson cards, ect...

I also have an envelope that contains the vocabulary word and word wall words for each particular week.

A peek inside my cabinets.

Here is a sneak peek inside my drawers.

Here is a sneak peek inside my drawers.

Here is all of my art project materials

Here is another stand that holds indoor recess materials.

Station Rotation Charts

How We Go Home Display

Art Station

How to Make a Wow Picture

Storage underneath my Interactive Whiteboard

Dry erase markers and erasers. I bought facial cleansers that came three to a pack from Dollar Tree.

Science Station Storage Shelf

Here is my Group Display for Workstations. Please excuse the look, I still haven't added my decorative ribbon. :)

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