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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Science Interactive Notebook!!

Hello all!! So summer will soon be coming to an end, and I still feel like I have a millions things on my TO-DO-BEFRORE-I-GO-BACK-TO-SCHOOL list. I am juggling my children, cleaning my house, printing, laminating, and now my handy dandy blog! I have also been going through some of my products on TPT and updating them with new clip art and font. Now that my products are updated, I thought I'd blog about em'!

So I started a series of interactive notebooks. I love interactive notebooks because they serve a great purpose! I get so tired of boring worksheets. They will not only add more fun to your curriculum, but will also serve as a portfolio of your student's work. Do you ever have problems with students loosing their work or misplacing worksheets? "I do!!" Not anymore, now you can have all your student's work in one interactive journal. This is great for students to reference back, for parent-teacher conferences, and a great memento to take home at the end of the year!

I set up the observation and science experiments at our Science Station. This is where my students will complete their activities and fill in their data.

My series of notebooks include: Science, Grammar, and a Reader's Notebook (reading comprehension strategies). I am currently working on a series of Social Studies Thematic Interactive Notebooks. This set will be in monthly units. I will definitely let you guys know when I release that product!


Let me go ahead and take your through a little tour of my Science Interactive Notebook,
Each unit has a definition card and interactive flaps and foldables.
It Includes Units such as:
~Being a Scientist
~The 5 Senses with 4 Experiments
~ Properties of Matter
~ Properties of Water
~Candy Experiment
~ Light
~ Weather
~Night and Day
~Natural Sources of Water
~ Animal Life Cycles
~External Characteristics of Animals
~Food Chain
~Living and Non-Living

I've added a few more activities to this set:

~Science Tools Sort
~Mats to go with the science experiments (just laminate them and use them to display the numbered items that are being observed)
~Venn Diagram sort for Night and Day
~Nocturnal Animals Sort
~Ocean and Pond Animals Sort

 Click the pic to get your copy!

Here is a sample of the weather unit. They have to glue the Weather Words underneath the correct flap.

Being A Scientist Web and Safe/Unsafe Flaps.

Here is the Hand Lens tool. The students drew a picture of an object and how it looks under a hand lens.

Here is an observation activity. The students observed pine cones using their five senses, and wrote their data under each flap.

These are data sheets that go with our five senses experiments.

Here students are exploring properties of matter. I give them objects to observe and sort through.

Properties of Water

Things That Need Sunlight

Magnetic and Not Magnetic: students observe objects with a magnet and list their them under the correct flap.

Animal Life Cycles

Natural Sources of Water


Here is the Taste/Smell Consent Form that students will get signed by their parents. I staple this in their journal so I can reference back to it quickly.


External Characteristics of Animals Flapbook
Well, there you have it! I tried to put as many pictures as possible, but this was just a small sample of all the great activities inside! So go ahead and click here to grab your copy today. I have it on sale for only $10.00 for my Summer Sale!

Happy Note-booking!!!!:D


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