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Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY Detachable and Interchangable Bulletin Boards

Okay, so if you're anything like me, then you hate to put up the cutest bulletin boards just to have to take them down again! Like I mentioned before I'm not real big on changing out bulletin boards throughout the year, so I try to come up with general bulletin boards that go with my theme and will work throughout the whole school year. Well, after having to take down every single thing in my room this past year, I was like "forget it!!!" In the midst of my little tantrum I came up with an idea. What about interchangeable and detachable bulletin boards that come off and on with Velcro? Ahh, yes! So I decided I was going to make these Detachable and Interchangeable Bulletin Boards! First I tried insulation boards which I purchased at Lowe's. You get a huge board for like $8 bucks. I bought one and they cut it into 3 pieces for me. They are light weight and work well, but you have to hot glue everything. You can't use staples because the board is to soft and they just slip out. I learned that the hard way when my stuff would just fall off.
So here is one of my Detachable Bulletin Boards. You see how it just comes off the wall so easily, and just that easily you can put it back up, or replace it with another Detachable Board for that matter. You see what I mean, how all my cutesy little stuff was just falling off. That's what happens when you use staples on the insulation boards.

Here's another detachable bulletin board. You can cover them with paper, but I prefer table cloths. They are stronger material and last way longer.

The green with white boarder is detachable and the pink one to the right. See how cute they look, you can't even tell their detachable.

This summer I came up with the idea of using the tri fold boards that are used for displays and projects. These worked out awesome. They come in a variety of sizes, their light weight, and thin enough to staple into. All you need to do is choose a background like decorative table cloth, fabric, or just leave it as is. I bought the black boards and just put my stuff directly on it. Then, you want to laminate all of your boarders and items your going to display. Finally, hot glue everything, add some Velcro to the back, and you're ready to go!!
Here are the larger sized boards, but they have medium and smaller ones too!

This is my Math Focus Wall. I used a black tri fold and hot glued some decorative ribbon as my boarder. Then, I hot glued all my laminated material. Cute, huh!! :) These babies are strong and sturdy, they should last me some years.
Here is another one that I made for my Computer Station. This is the medium sized one.

Here is some wrapping paper that I found at Wal-Mart. I love it! I decided to use this as a back ground as well.

Here she is after I applied the wrapping paper. Now I used Mod Podge on the bottom and top, because the paper is so thin and would rip easily otherwise. I'm thinking of putting some white or turquoise boarders.

Check out my future birthday board.Here is another one that I glued table cloth to. I then stapled and hot glued the boarders.

This will be my new writing station board. Isn't she a beaut?

Here is one of my old insulation boards that I redid. I Mod Podged plastic table cloth and then hot glued my boarders. This time I will hot glue everything to this baby.
Well, there you have it a quick and effective way to create your very own Detachable and Interchangeable Bulletin Boards. You can make different boards for different occasions, themes, and holidays and just change them out through out the year. You can use them again and again, year after year!

 Happy Decorating!!!! :) 

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  1. Love your "I can Write" bulletin board. Super cute! xo