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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Laura Numeroff Author Study

Hey Guys,

So I just completed another author study, a Laura Numeroff Author Study Lap Book, Interactive Notebook, and Flip Book to be exact. This unit is great for any who loves the  If You Give A... books.

I created components similar to my Eric Carle Author Study, but of course I changed up the activities to align with each book.

I haven't been able to create a product sample, but here is what I have so far.

Check out this new Laura Numeroff Author Study Interactive Notebook, Flipbook, and/or Lap Book. This product is similar to my Eric Carle Author Study, which has become one of my best sellers.

This set includes:

~5 page layered flip book to go with 5 of Laura Numeroff's most popular books, including:

If You Give A Moose A Muffin
(Fact and Fantasy Interactive Pocket Sort)

If You Give A Dog A Donut
(Graphing Activity)

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
(Cause and Effect)

If You Give A Cat A Cupcake
(Story Sequence)

If You Give A Pig A Pancake
(How To: Make A Pancake)

If You Give A...
(Matching Character to Story

~Interactive Flaps to for your lapbook or interactive notebook. You can create your lapbook using a standard sized file folder or a piece of 18x12 construction paper.

Laura Numeroff Biography Interactive Sequencing Activity

Story Summary Interactive Flaps

3 Different Character and Story Pamphlets for (Mouse, Cat, Dog, Pig, and Moose)

Mini Flip Books for If You Take A Mouse to School and If You Give A Pig A Party.

Story Summarizing Activity (somebody, wanted, but, so)

This unit is jam packed with fun interactive activities to go with your favorite Laura Numeroff books. Grab your copy here.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mo Willems Author Study- Interactive Notebook, Lapbook, Flipbook, and More!!!!

So Ms. Snyder (one of our kindergarten teachers) did my Eric Carle Author Study Unit with her students. She said they loved all the fun interactive activities. She asked if I would be willing to create a Mo Willems Author Study Unit for them, and of course I gladly accepted!!! I never really read many Mo Willems books and didn't know much about him. I mean I glanced at the Pigeon books, but never really thought twice. So I was on a mission to learn any and everything about this great author that I obviously missed. I mean you can't create an entire Author Study Unit on someone you know nothing about. So I went to our school library and grabbed every Mo Willems' book known to man. I read, read, and read some more! Then, it dawned on me, I couldn't believe what I was missing out on. His books were hilarious and just plain AWESOME!!! I fell  in love with his books, his style of writing, and was finally ready to take on the task of creating an amazing Mo Willems Author Study Unit!!! 

So here's what I came up with. If any of you have ever seen my Eric Carle Author Study Unit then you have an idea of what to expect in this unit. But I have of course added new, creative, and exciting interactive activities to go with some of Mo Willems most popular books.

Click the image below to grab your now!

This set comes with a 5 page layered flip book to go with 4 of Mo Willems' most popular books, including:

Time to Sleep Sheep the Sheep! (Pocket Sort for Nocturnal Animals/ Not)

Are You Ready to Play Outside? 
(The Water Cycle Interactive Flaps)

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! 
(The Pigeon Character and Story Pamphlet)

Kunffle Bunny (Story Sequence)

Author's Craft Activity (Cut and Paste Matching)
There is an optional Author's Craft Activity for kindergarten or lower level students.

Here is an interactive Mo Willems Biography Interactive Sequencing Activity.

Here are my different Character/ Story Pamphlets and they will go back to back with p. 2 below.

Pamphlet p.2 


Here are two writing prompts to go with popular stories.

 Here is an interactive Story Summary Flap that can be used with any story.

Grab your copy here to check it out for your self!

Well, I hope you guys check out this awesome product. I know that with a full unit on Mo Willems your student's will learn to love and appreciate his work just like I do!!