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Monday, July 7, 2014

My First Grade Classroom Tour (13/14 School Year)

Hey guys I wanted to give you a tour of my classroom from last school year so that you can get some ideas for the upcoming school year!
Here is my Computer/ Listening Station. My students use for listening to different stories. To the right I have my objectives for each subject in the blue pocket chart.

Here is my jobs chart. I give each student a number that will last with them throughout the year. I use numbered clips or cards for all of my bulletins.

Here is my Library, as you can see I did not finish putting the books away in my new tubs. I found these cute tubs at the $.99 Store. On my cabinet is my Grammar Station, and next to that is my Math Tubs and Word Work Tubs.

Here is another view. At each station I have my TEKS listed.

These carts were all purchased at Sam's Club. I use the bins to house all the student's journals and folders. We have our Daily Folder, Tuesday Folder, Literacy Workstations Journal, Spelling Journal, Poetry Journal, Science Journal, and Math Journal.

As you can see our school is open concept, we have no doors. To the left I have my bag, it goes everywhere my kids go. It has everything I may need on the go such as: nurse forms, attendance slips, pen, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, fire drill procedure cards, ect... To the left is my Reading Comprehension Station and my Read the Room Station.

Here is my How We Go Home Hanging Display where I use numbered clips. This helps when students change how they go home. All I have to do is move their clip! The red pocket chart has all the student's lunch cards. I use the $10 garment rack from Wal-Mart to hold my large pocket charts, it is definitely a thrifty find compared to those overpriced pocket chart holders. It works great and rolls wherever I want. The yellow pocket chart is my Pocket Chart Station. Here students sort words depending on our phonic skill for the week. They also build their spelling words for the week. I have cards with letters, and they use them to build their words. On the other side I have my red pocket chart which is my poetry station. Here I have thematic poems that I change out every 1-2 weeks.

 Pick up your How We Go Home Display here.

The 2 small pocket charts on the left are my rotation charts for my Literacy and Math Stations. This is my art station. I change out the project weekly according to my theme. I give simple written instructions on sentence strips that go in the pocket chart. On Mondays I go over the project and instructions, then my students will work on their art project when they go to the Art Station.
Here is my Word Wall. As you can see all my stuff is Polka Dots and Bright Colors, which I love!!! This is also my Word Wall Station.
 Pick up your Polk Dot Word Wall Set here.

Next to my Word Wall is my ELA Focus Wall. This goes with our ELA curriculum. It has our spelling words for the week, word wall words, vocabulary words, ect... I change this out every Friday afternoon so that it's ready for Monday. You can pick up your ELA Focus Wall Set at my TPT Store! 
This is my Math Focus Wall, it has everything a first grader needs to know. We do this on a daily basis to help build their skills. It includes Calendar, Weather, Number of the Day, Today's Date, Digital Date, Daily Pattern, Odd or Even, 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less. I also has Fact Family Number Sentences, Expanded Form, Number Word, Less Than, Greater Than, Time, Money and to the very left is my Graph with the Question of the Day. This is also a Graphing Station for my Math Stations. The student's have to answer questions about the graph. You can pick up the graph questions for free at You can pick up the printable Math Focus Wall set at my TPT Store!

 Pick up your Polka Dot ELA Focus Wall Set here, and your Polka Dot Math Focus Wall Set here
Another View of my Student Jobs Chart

Here is my Phonics Tree that I made, I got my inspiration from a fellow blogger! I also have clothes pins that I decorated and hot glued a tack on the back. These hold important info behind my horseshoe table/ my desk. To the left are my pink pockets that hold important stuff that needs to be turned into the front office, nurse, attendance, or PE.

Here is an up close view of my Station Rotation Charts.

This is my Traveling Discipline Clip. This is a meter stick that I painted. It goes by conduct, which also helps me give conduct at the end of the day in their Daily Folder and for the week in their Tuesday Folder.

Here is an up close view of my How We Go Home Display. You can also pick this up at my TPT Store!
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Here is a distant view of my Word Wall and ELA Focus Wall. On the bottom is my Silly Sentences Station that I picked up from First Grade Fresh!

A closer look at my Graphing Station!
 I am so glad you guys stopped by to check out my room. These are just a few of my ideas, I have much more to come! If you have any questions feel free to leave comments at the bottom and I will try to answer them ASAP!

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