Monday, December 1, 2014

Science Station: Properties of Matter

In science we've been focusing on properties of matter. So I came up with some activities to go along with their Science Interactive Notebooks. I love, love, love my Science Station. I have so many activities to go with my units; The kids can't get enough. This is one of their favorite stations to visit!!!
Here I used a veggie tray with a label in each compartment. I had my students sort through the items and place them in a slot based on the properties of matter asked for.

This is what it looked like after my students were done with it. Of course, I had to tidy it up for my snapshot. ;P
I use this classifying activity to go with my Properties of Matter pages in my Science Interactive Notebook.
They can use this page to fill in their information from the Science Station Properties of Matter Sort.

I let them use this page for a scavenger hunt either outside or around the classroom. My kids love the scavenger hunts we have!!!

This is an I Spy game, where I give students specific properties of matter that they will look for. This is just an extra activity to enforce the concept.  

Along with that activity I have trays that I use for sorting and classifying.

Here I have them sorting rough and smooth items.

Here is the finished sort.

Here I have them sorting round and not round.

Here is the finished sort
Well, I hope you guys like these simple, yet effective activities for your science station!
Until next time.....
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!!

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  1. Hello Nicole,
    LOVE how you describe yourself FIRST as a believer in Christ! Awesome! Love the simplicity and fun of your activities was looking for something simple and effective to set up for my home school. Thanks!