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Monday, July 6, 2015

Handy Dandy Homework Assistant Flip Book

Hey guys what's up! I know I've been slacking this summer, but I have been extremely busy. We finally took the plunge and put our house on the market. I've been so consumed with cleaning, packing, repairing, painting, etc... I am hoping to be in my new house before school starts, but we'll see how that plays out.

In the midst of my chaos I found some spare time to create this Homework Assistant Flip Book. I usually have daily folders every year for my students. I like to include important information for parents and students to refer back to. So being the interactive, flip, flap, foldable lover that I am, I decided to create my Homework Assistant layered flipbook style! I took, what I felt was the most important info for my first graders. It's pretty generic, but I made page 3 editable, and also included an editable word wall. This is my customized one, but you can edit page 3 and your word wall to meet your firsties needs.

Hundreds Chart

Optional/ Editable page 3 (3 or 4 columns) I used this for our spelling words.

Math Strategies, Money, and Time

Editable Word Wall

Color Words, Number Words, Months, and Shapes
Alphabet with Pics, Vowels with Pics, and Digraphs with Pics
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