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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eric Carle- Author Study

Wow, it's incredibe how time flies. I can't believe we are just a few weeks away from closing out another year! I've been so consumed with end of year testing, testing, and more testing. All the hard work has been worth it. My kids have grown so much this year! I have to say this year has been the best! I had kids on so many different levels, with different needs and accomodations! But I am proud to say, they all worked so hard, pushed through, and are ready for 2nd grade!! 

So we are getting to our end of year activities, which is so exciting. We have a week long Eric Carle Author Study coming up, so what did I do? What I always do of course! I got my brain juices flowing, and came up with an awesome unit!! Check out the pics below. This is a preview of my Eric Carle Author Study- Interactive Notebook/ Lapbook. I have uploaded this product on my Teacher Pay Teacher Store. I've been busting my butt on this for the past few weeks.

This unit includes a flapbook along with other interactive flaps and activities. This is an example of what's included in the unit. Click the pick below to grab your copy!!

I included activities for five of Eric Carle's most popular books.

Here is an ink blot for Little Cloud.

Here is the Life Cycle of a Butterfly Flap Wheel, for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The top flaps lift up to reveal the pictures.

Here is a sequencing activity for The Very Busy Spider.

This has to be my favorite! The ladybug craft for The Grouchy Lady Bug! That's my son Sergio, isn't he a handsome boy?!

The Parts of A Plant Interacive Flaps, for The Tiny Seed.

The students will lift the flap and glue the correct label underneath.

Well, there you have it! This is just one part of my author study. I will also upload pics of the completed lapbook, and other activities soon.

Click the pick below to grab your copy today!